While you love your outdoor kitchen, maybe it’s time to add a little pizzazz. Upgrades to your outdoor space are not only a great idea for your functionality but also a way to improve your home’s value, which will come in handy when you’re ready to sell.

So what can you do to give your outdoor kitchen space a little pick-me-up? Let’s take a look at five luxurious outdoor kitchen upgrade design ideas below.

1. Pizza Oven

Pizza is not as good when it isn’t cooked in a pizza oven. There, we said it. It just isn’t possible to get that same crispy-on-the-outside soft-on-the-inside puffy crust that you’ll get when cooking in a super hot pizza oven. Conventional ovens just don’t cut it.

Plus, a pizza oven sitting in your outdoor kitchen area just looks really elegant. 

2. Food Prep Area

Some outdoor kitchens start with a really basic setup. Yours might not even have enough counter space to comfortably handle food prep. This means you’re running back and forth between your indoor kitchen and the grill. Let’s just say it makes cooking outdoors less pleasant.

Fix this problem by installing a food prep area. At a minimum, you should have a sink and plenty of counter space for easy food prep. If there’s space you can even throw in a dishwasher!

3. Refrigeration

Having a handy outdoor refrigerator really takes your space to the next level. Who loves running indoors every time they want a drink? A big, huge refrigerator isn’t necessary but a little wine and beer fridge provides just enough space to keep drinks cold. 

You can even get one that doubles as a keg, which is really awesome for serving your guests from a tap!

4. Vent Hood

Do you find your patio gets a little smoky while the grill is on? Vent hoods are a great way to fix this problem while adding a touch of elegance to the space. Basic vent hoods will work well or you can choose a custom option to perfectly fit the aesthetic you’ve created. Regardless, everyone will be breathing easier!

5. Seating Area with Fire Focal Point

Comfortable seating is a must-have for any outdoor space. When you arrange your seating around a fire focal point, you take the luxury level up several notches. If you prefer a simple fire that you can roast marshmallows over, choose a fire pit. You can even cook over it with a grill. 

A fireplace is more elegant and is a gorgeous focal point for any outdoor space. A gas one means you can enjoy a warm, cozy atmosphere with the flip of a switch. 

6. Seating Area with TV

Love Super Bowl parties or outdoor movies? Install a seating area complete with an entertainment center with a TV! You can play video games with your pals or snuggle with your favorite one while watching a movie — all in your backyard!

Your Dallas Outdoor Living Experts

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