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The Premier Flower Mound Pool Builders

If you are looking for new pool builders in Flower Mound, look no further. At The Blue Lagoons, we specialize new pool builds of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to build a new cocktail pool, a new backyard pool, a new large pool, or are just looking for some new ponds and/or fountains for your backyard, we can do it all.

We are known for being premier Flower Mound pool builders for over two decades and our award winning team has handled pool builds of all kinds. If you’re not sure what type of pool you are looking to have built, check out our most popular pool build services below:

Flower Mound Cocktail Pool Builders

The cocktail pool is a smaller pool that works very well if you don’t ‘have much room to work with. Although they are smaller in size, they are still luxurious and eye-catching.  The cocktail pools are easier to maintain, easier to clean and heat (due to size), and big enough to stand, sit and exercise in. The average size of a cocktail pool is 11 x 9 feet, but can vary slightly.  If you are interested in a cocktail pool from our Flower Mound pool builders, contact us here.

Flower Mound Backyard Pool Builders

If you’re looking for our builders to get you something that is spacious enough for your family and friends, the backyard pool is a perfect fit. Our pool pros can help you design the perfect pool that will make you want to lounge around all day long in. Backyard pools are perfect because they allow for great social gatherings when the weather permits, a great exercise alternative when you are wanting to swim laps or do water aerobics, and provide for great family fun with the kids and relatives.

If you are considering a backyard pool from our pool builders in Flower Mound, contact us today.

Flower Mound Large Pool Builders

If you are looking for our Flower Mound pros to create you something big, the large pool is perfect for you. If you are a lot of space available in your outdoor area, there’s no better way to fill it by installing a custom built pool that the whole neighborhood can enjoy. Perfect for swimming laps, having massive pool parties, and just enjoying life in, large swimming pools can help create the ultimate backyard oasis.

If you’re looking for our Flower Mound pool builders to help you with a large pool build, contact us here.

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