As the vibrant hues of the season begin to pop and the crisp air of autumn sets in, many homeowners may think it’s time to pack up their pool dreams until the next year. However, fall can be the perfect season to bring those backyard dreams of custom pool design & construction to life dreams. Here’s why the Dallas pool builders at The Blue Lagoons think fall is the best time to dive into this exciting project and transform your backyard oasis.

1. Be Swim-Ready by Spring

By initiating your pool construction in the fall, you can ensure that your pool will be completed just in time for the arrival of the warmer weather. Imagine stepping into your freshly constructed, sparkling pool as the weather warms up, heralding the beginning of a beautiful season. Starting the project during the fall months gives ample time for construction, landscaping, and any finishing touches, ensuring your pool is ready for enjoyment as soon as the warm weather arrives.

2. Lock in 2023 Pricing and Save

Planning and budgeting are essential aspects of any construction project. Building your pool during the fall allows you to lock in the 2023 pricing, protecting you from potential price hikes that often occur in the New Year. As the demand for pool construction typically increases during the spring and summer, so do the costs associated with materials, labor, and services. By securing your contract in the fall, you can capitalize on the current rates and potentially save a significant amount of money.

3. Cost-Effective Material Acquisition

Another advantage of building your pool in the fall is the cost-effective acquisition of materials. Prices for construction materials tend to rise in the New Year due to a variety of factors, including increased demand, market dynamics, and changes in supply chains. By initiating your project in the fall, you can take advantage of potentially lower material costs and avoid the price spikes that often occur in the first quarter of the following year.

4. Stable and Favorable Weather Conditions

Fall offers stable and favorable weather conditions for the pool construction process. The moderate temperatures and lower humidity levels provide an ideal environment for the construction team to work efficiently. Extreme heat and significant rainfall can slow down construction progress and adversely affect the quality of the work. By choosing fall for your pool construction, you can avoid weather-related delays, ensuring that the project remains on track and is completed within the anticipated timeframe.

5. Minimal Disruption to Landscape

During fall, many trees and plants shed their leaves, which can minimize the impact of construction on your landscape. The decreased foliage allows for easier access to the construction site and reduces potential damage to plants and trees. Additionally, fall is an opportune time to plan any landscaping modifications or additions around your pool area, as the season allows for proper planning and preparation for the upcoming spring planting season.

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Fall presents an array of compelling reasons why it’s the opportune time to embark on your pool construction project. By making the most of the fall season, you can fulfill your dream of having a luxurious pool in your backyard that’s ready to welcome you and your family with open arms when the warmer days return. Contact the Dallas pool builders at The Blue Lagoons to learn more about the pool design & construction process and to schedule your pool design consultation today. 

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